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Rhode Island Men of Hope

Frequently Asked Questions

How did the Men of Hope get started?

John Mentus answers this question:

It all started  with many different men getting together to get other men to go to the  Promise Keeper's conference in Washington, DC in 1995. We would meet  every two weeks on a Thursday night and start with prayer.

We decided to  start a Task Force and asked for additional training from Promise  Keeper's headquarters Denver, CO. I also serve as a coach for the  National Coalition of Men's Ministries. www.ncmm.org

We will go anywhere  in New England to train men to be effective leaders in their churches.  The rest is history. This is the short version answer.




What projects have you worked on?

 We worked hard to bring Promise Keepers ministry to Providence, Rhode  Island, in the summer of 2001. Since all volunteers had careers,  families and limited amounts of time, we created this web site then as  an aid to communicating with many churches and individuals at one time.  After the tremendous blessing of that event, the site continues to serve  today. At the Worcester, MA, Promise Keepers conference on August 25  and 26th, 2000, 11 of the 40 local volunteer team supervisors and  managers were from Rhode Island. We intentionally wanted to get our  people trained a year early so that a Providence conference could go  forward with a core of trained people. We also provide ongoing training  in men's ministry to local churches (what it is and how to do it).  In 2009 we started Prison Ministries at RI ACI we have five men in different sites using Robert Lewis  Mens Fraternity classes.

Have you always been called the "Men of Hope"?

 No. We were previously known as the "Rhode Island Task Force - Promise  Keepers" composed of "Ambassadors" (2 Corinthians 5:20) trained by  Promise Keepers. The mission of our organization has remained the same, however. 

Are you a Tax-Exempt Organization?

We are a federal 501c3 corporation

and RI Exempt: Certificate #9054