Men need to learn
- What is expected of them
- How to relate to one another
- How to be reconciled with one another
- How to share their successes and failures with each other
- How to become secure in their relationships with one another
- How to serve their families, churches, employers and communities by becoming Biblically based servant leaders.
- How to pray

To accomplish these goals the Men of Hope offer Men's Ministry Training, Rhode Island community based men's events, and awareness of regional Men and Family based events such as Promise Keepers, National Coalition of Men's Ministries, and Iron Sharpens Iron.

If it is your Church's desire to learn more about us or to partner with us in any way we can be reached at or by contact information below. Check out Rhode Island Churches currently partnered with this ministry. We praise God for every church which names Jesus Christ as its cornerstone and for each Pastor who shepherds these churches in the name of Christ.

The R.I. Men of Hope, Inc. is a Non-Profit Corporation under the laws of the State of Rhode Island.
Federal 501(C)(3) Non-Profit as of Jan.27, 2003

R. I. Men of Hope
P. O. Box 15306
Riverside, RI 02915 401-383-9967